Revenge of the Slitheen
Series 1 Episodes 1 and 2
There's something very wrong on Maria and Luke's first day of school; the food is off, the whole place smells strange, and some of the teachers are acting suspiciously. But nothing can prepare them for what they are about to uncover, and with the help of Sarah Jane and their new friend Clyde, will they be able to stop the Slitheen's unearthly plot to destroy the Sun?
Memorable Quotes
  • Maria: I did it! I exploded the headmaster!
  • Clyde: How did you discover all this stuff, aliens and things?
    Sarah Jane: I met this man called the Doctor. He was an alien too.
    Clyde: What, like a big green thing?
    Sarah Jane: No, he looked just like you and me, except he was nothing like you and me. He took me out into space, far away from Earth.
    Clyde: You travelled through space?
    Sarah Jane: And time. I saw planets and galaxies, and all sorts of creatures. Oh, things you could never imagine.
    Clyde: So, where is he now then, this Doctor?
    Sarah Jane: Still out there. Still wandering, still wonderful. And he left me behind with his legacy, I suppose. To help and to protect, to make a stand and to never give up.
    Clyde: He sounds cool.
    Sarah Jane: Yeah. Cool.