Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?
Series 1 Episodes 7 and 8
When Maria wakes up one morning, she has no reason to suspect that it isn't just an ordinary day. But when she visits Sarah Jane, she's shocked to discover that nobody's heard of her, not even Luke or Clyde, and that instead a woman called Andrea Yates has taken her place.
Memorable Quotes
  • Luke: What is the point of skateboarding?
    Clyde: With you, there's always got to be a point. It's skateboarding! It's fun.
  • Maria: I'm going to sort things out. I'm going to work out how time got changed, I'm going to find Sarah Jane and then I'm going to bring her back. And nothing is going to stop me!
  • Sarah Jane: I take it this is your domain. Who are you?
    The Trickster: Nobody. I am nothing
    Sarah Jane: Any chance you could be a bit less cryptic?
  • The Trickster: I care about you. You are so wonderful, Sarah Jane Smith. Your life was so important, and I found the right moment to snuff it out, with the help of Andrea Yates.
  • Chrissie: Oh, I'm telling you! My ex-husband and a dwarf in a suit? Now I've seen it all!
  • The Trickster: I will return when the Earth is no more, and I will explore your potential further. In particular, your memories of this 'Doctor'.
    Sarah Jane: You leave him alone!
    The Trickster: I can use you to find him. Imagine if the Doctor had never existed. What chaos there would be, across the stars...
    Sarah Jane: Don't you dare! Don't you dare!