The Mark of the Berserker
Series 2 Episodes 7 and 8
An alien pendant, which gives its wearer the power to control others, is stolen from Sarah Jane's attic, and Luke and Rani enlist the help of Clyde's mum to help track down Clyde and his father, who has the pendant. But the chase leads them to a terrifying waterside confrontation, as the pendant takes control of Paul and begins transforming him before their very eyes.
Memorable Quotes
  • Clyde: It's not a sleepover!
    Luke: I don't understand.
    Clyde: We're not girls! It's not a sleepover, you're just staying the weekend.
    Luke: And I'll be sleeping over at yours, therefore it's a sleepover.
    Clyde: I never know if you're being serious or not...
  • Mr Smith: Sorry, I'm not available right now. Sarah Jane has shut me down whilst she's away. If you'd like to leave a message, we'll get back to you when she returns.
  • Clyde: If it wasn't for me, all these people, they wouldn't be here. I've saved them loads of times and they don't know.
    Paul: Ok. Is... this some sort of trading card thing?