Mona Lisa's Revenge
Series 3 Episodes 9 and 10
Clyde's proudest day turns into a nightmare when he discovers that fine art can be dangerous and, when a school trip descends into disaster, the gang find themselves trapped without Sarah Jane's help, as the awesome abomination stirs. As Luke and Rani investigate the myth of the dreaded abomination, Sarah Jane is trapped and beyond help. Everything now depends upon Clyde - Mona Lisa vows to release her terrifying brother from his age-old prison, but only he has the key.
Memorable Quotes
  • Mr Harding: The Mona Lisa has been stolen!
  • Mona Lisa: I have not been released from wood and paint to be trapped in here!
  • Clyde: I thought you didn't know anything about art.
    Luke: I don't. But I remember everything that I see. I can't help it!