The Gift
Series 3 Episodes 11 and 12
When the Slitheen's latest scheme is halted, their rivals, the Blathereen, arrive. Declaring peace between the planets, they offer Sarah Jane a gift - one that might change the future of the human race forever. But when the Blathereens' gift runs riot, Sarah Jane faces the battle of her life to save her son, Luke, and with Clyde, Rani and K-9 trapped in a school under siege, the whole of London is convulsing under the alien threat. Everything heads for a final showdown in the attic, but this time not everyone will get out alive.
Memorable Quotes
  • Luke: It can't be...
    Clyde: It is! The Slitheen! They're back!
  • Sarah Jane: If the Slitheen are back on Earth, it means mayhem. On a global scale.
    Luke: What do they want this time!?
    Sarah Jane: Oh, the same as usual, I imagine. Convert our planet into cash.
  • K-9: Activating hover mode!
  • Leef Blathereen: It is the Blathereen custom to offer thanks for such brave deeds by sitting down to dinner.
    Clyde: Oh yeah, and what's on the menu? Clyde burgers with a side of Rani?
    Tree Blathereen: It is wrong to have come this far without showing our appreciation.
    Sarah Jane: No. That might be a bit tricky.
    Rani: Why? I think it's a brilliant idea! A dinner party!
    Sarah Jane: Think about it, Rani. They can't exactly come to my place!
    Luke: Mr Smith's there, and loads of alien stuff.
    Rani: Then they can come to mine!
    Clyde: Oh yeah, your mum and dad will love that...
    Rani: They're at a headteacher's conference, remember? That's why I'm staying with Sarah Jane. Does nothing sink in with you? Come on, it's an amazing opportunity. Clyde'll cook! He's a secret Jamie Oliver.
    Clyde: I can't deny it.
  • Tree Blathereen: And this delightful liquid is..?
    Luke: It was tomato soup.
    Clyde: Though you probably prefer something more... meaty...
    Rani: Shut up, Clyde!
  • Leef Blathereen: This isn't just a gift for you. We want you to share it with your entire world.
    Tree Blathereen: We know you suffer from famines on Earth. Rakweed could put an end to them forever.
  • Tree Blathereen: So, Sarah Jane, will you be our ambassador?
    Leef Blathereen: It's our chance to finally put things right, and it could mean a new friendship between our races.
    Sarah Jane: You realise I'll have to analyse the Rakweed, make sure it's safe.
    Leef Blathereen: Of course. Do that straight away.
    Sarah Jane: But thank you. In principle, I... we... Earth accepts.
  • Tree Blathereen: We're sure our Rakweed will change your planet forever.
    Leef Blathereen: And how perfect that Sarah Jane Smith will be the one to lead Earth into a rich and fertile future!
  • Clyde: Ah, Slitheen... Blathereen... Whatevereen!
  • Sarah Jane: Luke, you're all I've really got. Everything else, it's meaningless. Makes no sense without you.
  • Luke: Mum, I'm so tired.
    Sarah Jane: Luke, please! Luke, can you hear me?
    Luke: I'm okay.
  • Rani: No morals at all!
    Clyde: And that's why you love me.
    Rani: Dream on, Clyde. Dream on.
  • Leef Blathereen: Let the harvest begin!
  • Clyde: I knew those Blathereen were trouble!
    Rani: We've got to stop this! Come on!
  • Sarah Jane: This is loaded with vinegar. You're going to do exactly as I say, or I'll blast you to oblivion!
  • Clyde: What would Sarah Jane do?
    Rani: She'd do what she always does. Improvise.
  • Luke: Mum, you did it!
    Sarah Jane: They were going to kill us. I had to do it!
  • Clyde: They farted themselves to death?
    K-9: In a nutshell, Mr Clyde.
  • Sarah Jane: There's nothing more important than friendship. And then, one day, with a little luck, and a lot of hard work... Earth could be a shining example to the entire Universe!