Death of the Doctor
Series 4 Episodes 5 and 6
When the Doctor is declared dead, old companions Sarah Jane and Jo Grant meet for the very first time, and join forces to discover the truth. As an interstellar conspiracy gathers around UNIT HQ, Clyde finds that he holds the fate of the Time Lord in his hand - quite literally! Old friends fight together to make one last stand against the sinister Shansheeth. But with Clyde and Rani trapped in terrible danger, Sarah Jane and Jo Grant realise their worst fears - their friendship with the Doctor might be the very thing that dooms them.
Memorable Quotes
  • Mr Smith: Emergency broadcast. UNIT armed forces are converging on this house, Sarah Jane. Right now!
  • Colonel Karim: I'm sorry, but it is my solemn duty to inform you that your friend, the Doctor, is dead.
    Clyde: Don't be stupid!
    Rani: He can't be.
    Colonel Karim: Last Sunday, at 1700 hours, the body of a Time Lord was returned to the Earth. UNIT scientists have checked the DNA results and it's definitely him. I'm sorry, Miss Smith, for your loss. Sorry for the whole wide world, because he's gone. The Doctor's gone. He's dead.
  • Sarah Jane: (About the Shansheeth) As if you'd trust that thing. Just look at him!
    Rani: Hey, that's not fair. Since when did we judge by appearances?
  • Rani: I hope this is all a big mistake, I really do. For the Doctor's sake, we've got to find the facts, which means we stop and we listen.
  • Shansheeth: The Shansheeth did journey to the wastelands of the Crimson Heart, whereupon we found the body of the last Time Lord. Witnesses say that he perished saving the lives of 500 children from the Scarlet Monstrosity.
    Clyde: Sounds like him.
    Shansheeth: The Doctor's home world is long since lost, but legends talk of his love for the Earth. Therefore, the Shansheeth will return the Doctor to the human race. Oh, weep for him, peoples of the Earth. Mourn his loss, for the universe feels darker tonight...
  • Sarah Jane: Nothing's going to make me miss this. I'll be there.
  • Sarah Jane: I always thought, if ever the Doctor dies, I'll know. Somehow, I'll just feel it. Wherever he is, if he's far away on some distant star, or lost in the depths of dark ages, I'll know. But I didn't. I didn't feel a thing.
  • Clyde: Luke says Sarah Jane's gone mad.
    Haresh: Don't be so rude. He wouldn't say "mad" about his own mother.
    Clyde: No, he said "nutty, fruity, loop-the-loop, tonto barmy bonkers". Be fair though, sir, he's worried.
  • Haresh: It takes time. 'Cause when someone dies, it's so massive, it's like you can't fit it all inside your head.
  • Clyde: So what do we do?
    Haresh: Wait. That's all you can do. Friends just wait.
  • Colonel Karim: It's not easy to find friends of the Doctor. He'd come and go without a trace.
    Rani: Think of all the lives he touched. The whole planet should be in mourning. But no one knows.
  • Sarah Jane: I think he regenerated, 'cause the last time I saw him he didn't say a word. He just looked at me, as though...
  • Jo: (About the Shansheeth) Oh, you are gorgeous! I wish I had my glasses!
  • Jo: Sorry, do I know you?
    Sarah Jane: We've never actually met, but it's Jo Grant, isn't it?
  • Sarah Jane: I arrived just after you left. You'd gone to live on the Amazon.
    Jo: Oh, they told me about you! You must be...
    Sarah Jane/Jo: Sarah Jane Smith.
    Jo: Oh, darling!
    Sarah Jane: After all this time!
    Jo: Oh, and look at you! Oh, you're so beautiful!
  • Santiago: My name's Santiago.
    Rani: Wow, good name!
    Santiago: Yeah, it's where I was born, in a caravan at the foothills of the Andes.
    Clyde: They should've called you Andy!
  • Santiago: We've always travelling the world.
    Rani: What, are you rich?
    Santiago: No, just the opposite! But mum and dad, they got it from gran. She's spent her life going from country to country.
    Clyde: Doing what?
    Santiago: Protesting. Like that G8 summit, she chained herself to the railings. And that climate change conference, dad got arrested. Twice. Mum's in Japan right now trying to stop those whaling ships.
    Clyde: Wow! Serious life!
    Santiago: Yeah. Just to get here today, we were on the southern plateau of the Tierra del Fuego, so we had to hike to Buenos Aires, get a boat to Las Malvinas, and a cargo plane across the Atlantic! Where are you guys from?
    Clyde/Rani: Ealing.
  • Sarah Jane: Oh, they used to tell so many stories about you at UNIT!
    Jo: Those soldier boys. Ooh, happy days!
  • Sarah Jane: I've got a son, he's called Luke. He's just gone to university. Oh, no dad on the picture.
    Jo: Ah, playing the field. Good on you, girl!
  • Sarah Jane: The Doctor showed me such a remarkable life, and when he went, it just took me a long while to get over it.
    Jo: Me too. You know, sometimes I think I've never stopped running.
    Sarah Jane: But then he came back, and I realised that the life I wanted was right under my nose, all that time.
    Jo: Who came back? The Doctor?
  • Jo: (About the Doctor) I never saw him again.
  • Jo: The first time? You mean, it was more than once?
    Sarah Jane: Yeah.
    Jo: Oh. He must have really liked you.
  • Jo: I have this notion. If the Doctor died one day, I mean, even if he was as far away as Metebelis 3, that... well, that I'd feel it. You know, in my heart.
  • Sarah Jane: Do you think the same as me?
    Jo: What? Because I think...
    Sarah Jane/Jo: ...he's still alive!
  • Sarah Jane: It's you, isn't it? Oh, you've done it again!
    The Doctor: Hello, Sarah Jane.
  • Sarah Jane: He can change his face.
    Jo: I know, but into a baby's?
    The Doctor: Oi! Imagine it from my point of view! Last time I saw you Jo Grant, you were, what? 21, 22? It's like someone's baked you!
  • The Doctor: Come along, Smith!
  • Colonel Karim: Not as daft as they look for two batty old pensioners and a bunch of ASBO kids.
  • Sarah Jane: (To the Doctor) That last body of yours, was he ok?
  • Jo: I called you. I just wanted to say hello, and they told me that you'd left, left UNIT. Never came back, so I waited. I waited, because you said you'd see me again, you did. I asked you, and you said yes, you promised. So I thought, oh, one day I'd hear that sound, deep in the jungle, I'd hear that funny wheezing noise and that big blue box, right in the middle of the rainforest, because he wouldn't just leave. Not forever. Not me. I've waited my whole silly life.
  • The Doctor: The last time I was dying, I looked back on all of you, every single one. And I was so proud.
  • Clyde: I thought you had a plan!?
    Groske: Shansheeth too scary. We hide.
  • Rani: We've been to parallel times, dream dimensions, limbo... and then we go home for tea.
    Clyde: Yeah, we see all of this and then my mum's like "What did you do today?", and I'm like "Not much".
    Rani: Went to the library...
    Clyde: Played a bit of footy...
    Rani: Stayed behind after drama club...
    Clyde: Oh yeah, and I fought off a platoon of Judoon in my spare time!
  • Clyde: (To the Doctor) Even your eyes are different! It's weird, 'cause I thought the eyes would stay the same, you know? Can you change colour, or are you always white?
    The Doctor: No. I can be anything!
    Clyde: And is there a limit? I mean, how many times can you change?
    The Doctor: 507.
  • Colonel Karim: The Shansheeth can take me to the stars because there is nothing left for me here on Earth. Not anymore.
  • Jo: I just want to say, I'm so glad I saw you again. I waited all this time but it was worth it, every second.
  • Mr Smith: The TARDIS has landed.
  • Santiago: No way! On top of everything else, you've got a talking computer!? That is it, I'm giving up!
  • Jo: Still the same old TARDIS! It doesn't matter what's changed, it still smells the same. No, gotta say goodbye, or else I'd stay with you forever. Besides, I probably couldn't keep up anymore, get you into trouble with the Time Lords!
  • Sarah Jane: It's daft though, because we were both saying we had this theory. That if you ever died, we'd feel it somehow, we'd just know. That's just silly, isn't it?
    The Doctor: I dunno. Maybe not. Because between me and you, if that day ever comes, I think the whole universe might just shiver.
  • Clyde: That'll be us one day.
    Rani: Still out there, fighting.
    Sarah Jane: Echoes of the Doctor all over the world. With friends like us, he's never going to die, is he?