The Empty Planet
Series 4 Episodes 7 and 8
Clyde and Rani wake up one day to discover that they are the only survivors of the human race! The whole of Earth is empty - even Sarah Jane has vanished. But a deserted London holds terrors of its own. Strange forces lurk in the shadows and mysterious visitors approach, but what do the Roberts want, and where has the human race gone? It's a race against time, but without Sarah Jane's expertise, Clyde and Rani must trust each other like never before if they're to save the whole world.
Memorable Quotes
  • Sarah Jane: I hate not knowing!
  • Haresh: I really loved school.
    Rani: Yeah, so much you never left!
  • Rani: Please don't let me be the only one.
  • Clyde: Where's Sarah Jane?
    Rani: Where's everybody!?
  • Clyde: There's nobody. It's the whole world!
    Rani: Everybody's gone...
  • Clyde: (To Rani) I'm so glad you're here.
  • Clyde: We're not gonna panic.
    Rani: I wasn't panicking.
    Clyde: You were, and so was I. But like you said, we've gotta do a Sarah Jane. We've got to stop, think and work it out.
  • Rani: What if it's just the two of us left in the whole wide world?
    Clyde: Like Adam and Eve!
    Rani: Yeah... (Pause) No!
  • Gavin: Never knew my dad, he ran off when I was little.
    Clyde: You and me both, mate.
  • Clyde: You, erm... got any better biscuits?
  • Gavin: My aunt said there's no such thing as aliens.
    Clyde: Well your aunt likes rubbish biscuits.
  • Rani: Weird alien noise, terrified kid, and what do we do? Run to the window and start talking all Star Trek! Yeah, we must've looked really normal.
  • Clyde: Oh, so you're in charge?
    Rani: Yeah, I think I probably should be.
    Clyde: Well, I've known Sarah Jane for longer than you. I've got more experience.
    Rani: Oh, what, so it's like the army now? We've all got ranks and you're second in command, sir?
  • Rani: Biggest crisis ever and it's just us. Not the time traveller, not the boy genius, not the supercomputer or the mega-dog. Us.
    Clyde: Oi, we are vital team members!
    Rani: What, the two kids with no reason to be there? The hangers on? We were both just really nosey, that's how we got into Sarah Jane's life.
    Clyde: Well, she warned us off. Gave us the choice to go back and forget it all.
    Rani: Maybe she was right. Maybe today's the day it all comes back to bite us on the bum.
  • Rani: It's not the usual way to grow up though, is it? Fighting aliens, defending the Earth...
  • Rani: With Sarah Jane, half the time I'm terrified and the other half I'm really happy.
    Clyde: I'm leaning towards terrified right now.
  • Clyde: Ok, so there are robots. Big, alien, red and yellow robots. Do you know what?
    Rani: Well, I'm sure we're about to find out...
    Clyde: This whole thing now makes even less sense than it did before there were any robots!
  • Gavin: You've travelled in space and time? Ok, right, I'll believe you...
  • Gavin: I'm 13 years old! I go to school, I do my homework, I watch telly, I eat fish fingers! I'm not important and I'm not special. I'm normal!
  • Clyde: I don't like countdowns. There's never anything good at the end of a countdown, except New Years and even that's rubbish. I'm sorry, I'm scared. I make stupid jokes when I'm scared.
    Rani: Yeah, I never noticed...
  • Rani: Sarah Jane, you're like the best thing that ever happened to us.
    Clyde: Yeah, when I was a kid I thought I'd never do anything, end up nowhere, just dossing about. I never saw all of this coming.
    Sarah Jane: But one day, if it all stops, I don't want you ending up alone, like I used to be.
    Rani: Hey, after today, I can tell you straight. You've got no idea what it's like being alone.
  • Clyde: We're not alone though, are we?
    Rani: No. We've got each other.