Invasion of the Bane
New Year's Day Special (Pilot Episode)
Join Sarah Jane Smith, an investigative journalist who once travelled through time and space, as she teams up with her neighbour, 13-year-old Maria Jackson, to do battle with the scheming Mrs Wormwood and her almighty Bane. But just what is the terrible secret behind the company who brought the world the popular and addictive soft drink 'Bubble Shock!'? Sarah Jane aims to find out!
Memorable Quotes
  • Kelsey: Your best friend is a metal dog... with its bum stuck in a black hole!
    Sarah Jane:
    I know.
  • Luke: This place is beautiful!
    Sarah Jane: Thank you.
    Kelsey: (To Luke) Not so bad yourself, fella!
Invasion of the Bane DVD DVD
Invasion of the Bane

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