Clyde Langer
Clyde Langer
Played by Daniel Anthony
Appearances: Series 1, Series 2, Series 3, Series 4, Specials

"When I was a kid I thought I'd never do anything, end up nowhere, just dossing about. I never saw all of this coming."

Clyde Langer first met Maria and Luke at school, and was as shocked as anybody to discover that a group of aliens, the Slitheen, were hiding away in the technology block.

At first, Sarah Jane was understandably reluctant to allow him to join their team, but after he helped them defeat the Slitheen, the four quickly became great friends and he subsequently continued to help them fight aliens and monsters with the help of Mr Smith and K-9.

Although Clyde tries to play the cool at times, nothing will stop him from being there to protect his friends. His bravery has helped save the world on several occasions.