Luke Smith
Luke Smith
Played by Tommy Knight
Appearances: Series 1, Series 2, Series 3, Series 4, Specials

"Super alien brain, remember? I never forget anything."

Luke Smith might look like an ordinary human being at first glance, but he was actually created by the Bane, using thousands of samples from various people touring the Bubble Shock! factory as part of their attempt to take control of Earth.

As a result, he has no belly button, but is still essentially a human. Sarah Jane managed to save him after he was grown artifically in the factory's lab, and went on to adopt him as her own.

Ever since, Luke has been helping his new mum save the world from various alien threats, but as he isn't a "typical" teenager, he can easily be confused by 21st century slang, often asking people around him what certain terms mean.

On several occasions, he has accidentally made situations ten times worse, for example, he once corrected the Slitheen and told them how to go about destroying the world. This is through no fault of his own, however, and his bravery and coverage means he's always there to protect the ones he loves. His intelligence is an added bonus, too!

Although Luke has now started a new life at Oxford University, Sarah Jane knows that he's always just a phone call away...