Maria Jackson
Maria Jackson
Played by Yasmin Paige
Appearances: Series 1, Series 2, Specials

"I did it! I exploded the headmaster!"

Maria Jackson is your average 14 year old human, but her life changed forever when she moved to Bannerman Road, nextdoor to Sarah Jane, who she witnessed contacting a real, living alien in the middle of the night.

Initially shocked by what she saw, she soon got to know her neighbour properly and quickly accepted the facts, finding herself caught in the middle of an alien plot to destroy mankind. She helped Sarah Jane shut down the Bubble Shock! factory, and straight away they became inseparable.

After that, she helped Sarah Jane fight off the Slitheen, the Kudlak and the Gorgon, amongst other alien threats, and no matter what the circumstance, she'll always be there to protect her family and her friends. She lives with her dad, Alan, who recently divorced with mum, Chrissie.

When Alan was promoted to a new job in America, he and Maria were forced to leave Bannerman Road for good. At first, both Maria and Sarah Jane found the change hard to come to terms with, but they soon realised that they'll always be friends.