The Attic
From the outside, 13 Bannerman Road looks like your average, run of the mill house, and subsequently the neighbours have no reason to suspect that there's anything other than ordinary taking place behind its doors. Who would ever think that inside there's a team working tirelessly away to protect Planet Earth from deadly alien threats? It all takes place in Sarah Jane's attic, in which there's far more than just boxes of Christmas decorations...

Mr Smith
"He left me behind with his legacy, I suppose. To help and to protect, to make a stand and to never give up."

The attic contains a host of weird and wonderful alien objects and gadgetry, collected over the years by Sarah Jane and the gang, with some even dating back to her travels with the Doctor. Understandably, Sarah Jane holds the artifacts extremely dear to heart, and is often reluctant to let anybody else step inside, trusting in her friends to keep its contents a secret.

The attic is the perfect place to solve a mystery or two, with its vast collection of reference books and even a research laboratory on hand to test any unusual or suspicious substances thought to be of an extraterrestrial origin. Taking pride of place above the fireplace is the ever-faithful Mr Smith, a super Xylok computer, activated by proclaiming "Mr Smith, we need you!", whose talents include an extensive knowledge of the Universe, the ability to identify spaceships as they enter Earth's orbit, and being able to tap into any and every phone network on the planet - to name a few!

That's not all the attic has to offer, as what appears to be an ordinary safe actually opens up to reveal a black hole, which Sarah Jane's beloved K-9 is constantly orbiting to keep it stabilized. From time to time, he reappears in the attic to catch up with the team, and is always just a space/time link away should they require his assistance.

Luke, Clyde and Rani are always discovering new things about the attic, and who know's what else it has to offer? One thing is for sure, though, as long as they have it, Earth as we know it is in very safe hands! Mr Smith, we need you...